Surgically Clean Air®

One of the world’s most advanced standalone medical-grade air purifiers.

Surgically Clean Air’s JADE unit is an air purification unit that kills germs and viruses, removes airborne chemicals and odours, and filters dust and pollen making the air you breathe cleaner and healthier. It is designed with premium in mind, in its beautiful contemporary styling on the outside, its sophisticated technology on the inside, and its airflow performance throughout.
  • Model Name: JADE SCA5000C
  • Dimensions: 12” x 12” x 33.5” (30.5 cm x 30.5 cm x 85 cm)
  • Weight: 30.6 lbs (13.95 kg)
  • CFM (Cubic Feet/Min): 153(Low), 23o(Mid), 312(High), 406(Turbo)
  • Sound Level (Measured at 6 ft): 30-55 dB
  • Auto Function: Yes
  • Air Quality Sensors: Yes
  • Control Panel: Hand wave sensors
  • Power: 120V, 60Hz
  • HEAP-Rx Particulate Filter: Yes
  • Activated Carbon Filter: Yes
  • Germicidal UV-C+: Yes
  • Hydroxyl Radical Reactivity Chamber: Permanent
  • Revitalization Negative ION Chamber: Permanent

Medical Grade

Clinical research study shows that the Surgically Clean Air JADE air purifier has an excellent performance in hospitals, medical Labs, and dental clinics to clean and sterilize the indoor air.

Robust Technologies

The JADE air purification system utilizes Surgically Clean Air’s multi-stage air purifying technologies that work together to clean, purify, and re-energize the indoor air.

Thoughtful Design

The clean lines, snow white colouring, slim profile, rounded corners, and cornice shape peak give Surgically Clean Air’s JADE air purifier a contemporary and majestic look.

6 Filtration System

Key Features

Multi-stage Air Purifying

6 distinct stages that remove particles including odors, gases, mold, allergens, and viruses. It also sterilizes the air and re-energizes it.

Sound Dampening Design

Noise cancelling through a sound dampening design to operate at a comfortable level equal to many kitchen dishwashers at approximately 55 dB.

Hands-Free Operation

Hand gesture control sensors allow for hands-free operation, helping prevent cross-contamination

Large Capacity Airflow

One system can easily clean very large spaces in medical clinics, dental offices, commercial businesses, assisted living, and general office spaces.

Cost Effective

If you care about robust technologies and moving a lot of air quietly, we have the lowest cost per cubic foot of air cleaned over a 5 year period.

Finance a JADE unit

Get JADE air purifiers at the rate you can afford

Green Sanitization offers a financing service to help more businesses and community organizations afford JADE air purifiers.

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